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stackable bed, day bed. multiply or solid wood. the mitre-joint-frame is 7cm high and sits flush under the mattress. a permanently fitted grate serves for good comfort when sitting or lying down. stacked and with the two mattresses iku7+ is 44cm high. for the two mattresses also a slip cover is available. a sleeping pad made of a thick non-woven wool fabric is stored in a pillow case for additional comfort. additional placement areas, back rests and cube-shaped upholstery are available upon request.

material solid wood or multiply.
wood maple, birch, beech, oak, cherry, nut.
surface oil-finished, soaped, mat varnish, black or white.
dimension iku7+ is available for every dimension of mattress.
optional storage place to plug in, mattress, customized sizes, upholstery, cloth cover.